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Originally Posted by bk brkr baker View Post
Love it. Freind of mine has put well over 150,000 on a VX. Solid bikes.

I modified a Yamaha XV920 in a similar manner. Here it is on the dirt roads outside of Hell's Canyon in Idaho last year.

It's heavy and way low but , if you go slow and pick your line it'll go alot of places.

Back to your build. I really like having alternate places for my feet on long days. On the Yamaha I cut down a UJM crash bar to have a place to mount the skidplate and hung some highway pegs on it. I can also get my feet on the passenger pegs for a more sporty possition. Also the riders and passengers pegs are close enough together that I can rest my feet on both for a total of 4 different options. I use them all in a long day.

Also I added a Vista-Cruise throttle lock. Great to have on long days also.
With the metal sidecases I was able to add a couple of shelves to the back that carry 5 liter S-100 jugs for spare gas. I made the shelves from road signs and the extra weight isn't really noticable. Last year on a nine day trip I used the gas from those jugs 4 times.

Anyway, looking good! And I'm betting you will bring it in within your budget. I have about $1000 in the Yamaha also.
Thanks for the info on the foot pegs. I'm sure Dad is already looking at options for that, but the information you provided might come in pretty handy. I've thought about a throttle lock too, especially since I have one and use it quite often.
Are those Happy Trails panniers? Whatever they are, they look great and really give the bike the "Adventure" look Dad was going for with the VX(A). Not sure he's going to be able to go with the aluminum panniers right now, but we'll find a set eventually for him to mount on there. In the meantime, some pseudo pelican cases will get the job done.
Thanks for the input. We'll keep you posted on his progress.
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