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Mag -

As the owner of a red '91 VX with 82K+ miles, I am enjoying your modifications. Mounting the front fender higher was a good move for traveling on unpaved roads. However, I discovered the lower portion of the radiator clogs with mud because the OEM front fender flap is too short. You may want to consider adding a longer flap.

Fun to see what your doing. Please keep us posted.

Rick - Davis, CA

Hello bumpathump, The pics of the bike may not show it very well, but I have left off the original fender extension so that I can put a longer one on as soon as I find what I want. When I was deciding what to do for a skid plate is when I decided to do something different about the fender, I didn't know for sure that it would be a problem, but it just made sense to me to protect the radiator somehow and I didn't want two extentions hanging off the back of the fender. I appreciate your feedback on that, now I know I made the right decision and on the right track. If you don't mind I would like to see some pictures of your VX, street clean or mud dirty, it don't matter. That goes for anyone that has a VX, stock or modified. Bring it on so we can all see it. Thanks again for your feedback.

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