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Talking 2012 500 exc changes!!!!!

Here is some more info

new engine the newly developed engine, the 500 EXC KTM engineers have created a new dimension: the engine was designed from the ground up and is now even more compact, lighter and stronger than before. Less oscillating masses and a balance shaft to reduce vibration. new exhaust muffler The new and improved muffler of the 500 EXC is not only more volume and a new design, it also reduces the noise level in the future, more stringent standards. new cylinder head new cylinder head was in the OHC cylinder head of the new engine,the 500 EXC all channels and the combustion chamber have been redesigned. The new camshaft, four valves actuated by rocker arms. Inlet side, high-quality titanium valves are used. The as yet oblique cylinder head cover makes service work. new cylinder and piston new cylinder and piston, the cylinder of the 500 EXC is specifically designed for the new engine configuration on. The new, 15% lighter forged pistons minimize the oscillating mass and improves stability at high speeds. New nitrided piston rings provide maximum wear resistance. new crankshaft new crankshaft, The main focus of the crankshaft of the new KTM 450 EXC put the engineers on the reduction of oscillating masses. Thanks to the new, lighter connecting rod and the new, lighter pistons, they were able to achieve minimal vibration and maximum speed stability. new motor housing the new engine case of the 500 EXC weighs nearly 2 kg less than its predecessor and is also more resistant to damage from rocks or fall. This was achieved by using a high-strength, elastic aluminum alloy and by the change from sand casting to die casting. new balance shaft new balance shaft, the new, more compact balancer shaft, the 500 EXC vibrations not only eliminated, but also serves to drive the water pump. This intelligent multi-functionality with the compactness and low weight of the new engine in the 500 EXC. new oil new oil circulation circuit, the new engine of EXC 500 is equipped with a common oil system for the engine and gearbox and two oil pumps. A pressure pump lubricates the engine, a vacuum pump sucks oil from the crankcase and lubricates the transmission, and thus the clutch. This results in conjunction with a steel membrane in the housing, a vacuum that increases the power of the engine. EFI / EMS new engine EFI / EMS new Keihin The newly developed system provides management with electronic fuel injection for spontaneous response of the engine. . With an optional Map Select Switch can be activated for different engine characteristics.
new clutch new clutch used the newly developed coupling of the 500 EXC with a sturdy steel basket and gear-friendly shock damping for the first time a plate spring instead of the usual coil springs, which reduces the operating force considerably. The hydraulic actuation of Brembo offers a sensitive modulation of the clutch.

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