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Originally Posted by clintnz View Post
Congrats on the new bike!

CDI box or voltage rectifier/regulator? CDI controller is a plastic box, rec/reg is metal with fins on.

There is supposed to be a rubber snorkel thing in the hole on top of the airbox. The rec/reg usually sits on top of the battery bolted to the metal bracket that holds the batt in. At a guess I'd say it's that, & that it has been moved to accomodate a taller battery - IIRC there is a taller batt that is much more common than the proper one.

If you check out one of the online parts dealers like Munn Racing you will find drawings with the part listings that can give a good idea of how it's supposed to go together.

You can also go to - they have OEM microfiche pics that you can go through to see what goes where, per se. You can select year / bike / sections, to look at it all ....

And also ...... congrats as well on the bike!

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