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Originally Posted by G-Funk View Post
Sweet ......

Yes, it's going to be down on the power compared to a 950adv. I had a 990adv along with my 640adv ..... and I'll tell you what. What I would take the 640 on over the 990 was drastically different. I wound up selling the 990 because out of all the bikes I had, it really didn't have a place in the herd for me. Yes, true, I've seen others do amazing shit with 950s and 990s, but that's not me.

At 8k, you should be totally fine - and it's most likely just the gasket.

As long as you realize that she's a 640 single, and not a 950 twin, you WILL totally appreciate what she has to offer in the terms of handling different terrains.

That's my .02 cents ........ and congrats on the purchase.


Well thats exactly what I'm afraid of.. That the 950 will became useless...

But! I'm planning to use the LC4 only offroad and take trips with my dad.. Him on the LC4 So maybe the good 'ol LC8 will still have it's place in the stable. Actualy I'm quite addicted to it's throttle response and power, so I don't think I'll like the LC4 that much more. Well.. time will tell:)
And what if so?! Still could go trade it for an SE, or SM, or RC8 (or a GS nah.. just kiddin':))
2005.5 950 Adventure (with 265mm travel suspension)
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