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Mineral Oil Anyone?
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OK here it is, but I will tell you, this egg and I have some bad friggin JuJu going on. The first time I tried to rescue teh egg last November, I was Bruced twice and ended up going out at 2 am in the pouring November rain down to Mass to get it. Then the little bastard drank all of my good scotch and nearly got me fired.

This time around, I ride up to the Kanc, the weather was beautiful, but the minute I pick up the egg, it starts pouriing.

Then I ride all the way down to Waterbury, CT to drop off the egg, just to find the bastard never got on board.

This brings me to today. I rode through Rain, Wind, Hale, lightning, and worst of all I had to deal with Massachusetts drivers. Finally, the egg is on the road again.

Go get him.

Here is your tag, but not exactly where the egg is located. I was going to stash him right next to this lot, but the security folks kept coming around and giving me dirty looks.


So I rode back out and around a bit. But the weather just kept getting worse, and I was just getting bogged down with the wet gear. So I dropped him here and went to get myself a cranberry and lime soda.

Now you just need the egg to get the tag
Start Here

Go down and into the parking lot to the right

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