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Thanks for pointing that out Jim.
I attended an intro event for the Uly some years ago and got to hear Erik himself explain just how different his Uly was from a Harley. Would take a page to run it all down .... but one quick blast on one is really all you need for an I.Q. update. No real connection IMHO to your typical HD.

Once you get used to all the Buell quirks ... it's a great bike. Such a shame HD big wigs pulled the plug. The Buell has a very different character from the Tiger ... 180 degrees ... but ALL GOOD in it's own way.
And it's that diversity that everyone should be thankful for.
Splitin hairs! I'm well aware Buells are vasly different, but they were undeniably part of the Harley family. I've always wondered what would have happened if Buell could have found some other funding. I think a DL1K motor in a Uly would be very very good.
I'm mostly just frustrated after reading all the posts from guys who walked in a bought a Tiger while I've been waiting 4 months.
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