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I wanted a VX800 from the first article I read about it when they came out. It was a few years before I found a used one I could afford. I immediately put in stiffer fork springs, different bend bars, bought saddle bags and a tank bag and started riding it.

I always liked the styling, the power was great, it carried my wife and I comfortably and was great all around. I only sold it because of building our house I didn't ride it at all for two summers and only 3 times the next summer so it didn't make much sense to keep it so I put a high price on it and was disappointed when it sold right away.

I didn't like constantly trying for a sixth gear on the highway to get the revs down and while I love shaft drive, I don't like not having an option to change the gearing. I didn't like the street suspension on dirt roads and the overall weight of the bike.

Better suspension would make a huge difference as would staying off the 65+ mph highways. Not easy to take much weight off though without getting very expensive. I would buy used spoke wheels from the Intruder, have new aluminum rims laced up and fit good dual sport tires and get rid of the heavy cast rims. Make my own exhaust system with one aluminum muffler would also save some pounds as well as giving it a better sound.

I would buy one in a minute at a give away price but considering how much money I would put into it to make it the way I want it, it would have to be almost free. Actually, if I could find a 1400 Intruder I would like to do the same thing to it.
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