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When in doubt, brew-up.
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I'm sorry Matteo, but they say no.
GPL say they do not keep the jackets in stock as they are too expensive. They say I can guess my size in jacket and pants from the on-line Spidi size chart, pay for both (1000) then they'll order one, and then two weeks later it'll be in, and I can travel to Guilford (which is some long way from London and considerably further from me) and try it on at their "counter" (they don't have a shop).
If, after all that, it doesn't fit, I can have a refund, guess another size, pay again and do the whole thing again.
I know you're doing your best, but if you're asking people to spend upwards of 1000 and choose your kit above the likes of Rukka you have to do better than this.
I can travel to three Rukka dealers within 30 minutes of where I live, examine the range, try on sizes and then buy. Same for Hein Gericke kit.
Sorry if I sound frustrated, but in a recession my thinking of spending 1000+ with Spidi shouldn't leave me feeling like I'm privileged to have the chance to spend and should, therefore, do it blind.
It's not that I don't care, I just haven't thought that far ahead.
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