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Originally Posted by AZ-Twin View Post
Nice shelves and you have a beautiful family!

Run a line for LP, an electric heater is nothing but a dead short that makes the electric meter spin really fast.

I have a Mr. Heater Big Max from Northern Tool. Mine runs on Natural Gas but I know they make them that run on LB because a buddy in CO has one. It looks like this.

Have fun in the garage and take care of that little guy. They are big before you know it.
I have a simialr unit form Home Despot -- LP all the way . . . . .much cheaper, and you can start banking the diff to pay for the little one's college ;-}

You can often get the line laid for much less than a standard quote if you rent a small ditch witch and do the trenching yourself . . . . . I saved a couple a hunnert bux that way
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