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Originally Posted by AZ-Twin View Post
Nice shelves and you have a beautiful family!

Run a line for LP, an electric heater is nothing but a dead short that makes the electric meter spin really fast.

I have a Mr. Heater Big Max from Northern Tool. Mine runs on Natural Gas but I know they make them that run on LB because a buddy in CO has one. It looks like this.

Have fun in the garage and take care of that little guy. They are big before you know it.
That was about what I have in mind.

Originally Posted by Sutherngintelmen View Post
I'd be tempted to add a couple of 2x4's on the other side - looking at pic left, up against the sheet rock - to pick up the load. Based on what I can see, looks like fastener tear out and/or sheer are possibilities.

Of course - it depends on what you are going to store there - if light in weight maybe not an issue.

edit - I say a couple, but it would of course take 6 pieces.
Thanks for the input, these are my first. Overall the load isn't huge (<200#/shelf), and I've got it anchored solidly into 3 studs on the short side and several on the long so it seems OK so far. I've taken them and shaken the hell out of them (with all of my 225$) with not even a wiggle so I'm happy with the load bearing abilities.

Originally Posted by bomber60015 View Post
I have a simialr unit form Home Despot -- LP all the way . . . . .much cheaper, and you can start banking the diff to pay for the little one's college ;-}

You can often get the line laid for much less than a standard quote if you rent a small ditch witch and do the trenching yourself . . . . . I saved a couple a hunnert bux that way
I guess a bonus is my LP tank is only about 15' from the side of the garage I'd put this on, so I could probably dig it myself pretty easily.
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