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story time

i fucked up.

since i got my miata the desire to ride had faded some. hadn't ridden in a few months. charged the battery and aired the tires on my pc800. rode off to work.

having sat for a while the fluid level on the clutch had gone down making shifting hard -not impossible- and finding neutral almost gone. i had dealt with this b4 and didn't have/take the time to top it up. i should have, or just jumped in the car instead but i was already dressed and moving.

6 miles in, headed for the fwy on a busy road that typically travels at around 60mph. had one car in front of me as the light turned yellow. i was planning to stop and started slowing and downshifting while the car in front of me kept going, then at the last second he decided to stop hard. i had room, but my attention was on getting to neutral to avoid the clutch drag while stopped so it caught me off guard. when i saw the car in front change his mind my rusty skills had me grab too much of the good double disc brakes and i locked the front wheel which turned to the left -i think i was contemplating taking the lane to my left but hadn't checked my 6 so i didn't.

i went down hard in the blink of an eye, not the usual slo-mo in these situations. my shoulder smacked the pavement, followed by my head. as i was rolling in the left lane i thought about getting run over which seems happen often here in socal. got up out of the road and sat on the curb. i knew i had dislocated my left shoulder so i pulled my helmet off with the other hand. the kid got out apologizing for changing his mind. we picked up the bike and moved it to the curb. i watched as the cars pulled off from the light and crushing various pieces of the bike's tupperware. a couple got out of their with a 1st aid kit but firetrucks showed up quickly.
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