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Tiger 800 Windshields

Borrowing from Parallel Universe it seems a good idea to start a thread devoted strictly to windshields for the T800 so we can have a one stop place to compare all the different after market offerings starting to emerge.

I'll launch it with the Madstad adjustable touring wind shield. I've been a beta tester for several weeks and they are ready, in fact I am the proud owner of the very first production unit.

It's a three part system. A black power coated metal "fly screen" is attached to the existing mounting points using custom made brackets. The Madstad adjusting brackets bolt to the fly screen and the plastic windshield is mounted to these brackets using four tool-less T-bolts.

Features are:

Screen is fully adjustable-up, down, and tilt. No matter what your size, you can make it fit perfectly.

There is a slot created between the fly screen and the shield, resulting in a very good laminar flow effect. Smooths out the flow over the top of the shield and no vacuum behind the screen.

The plastic shield can be taken off in under a minute with no tools for off pavement riding. The Madstad brackets can also be taken off (four easy to reach bolts but you need a hex wrench and a 10mm open wrench, both supplied) and you are left with a fly screen that nicely protects the instrument pod.

Several shield designs and sizes are available.

Should be no problem with hand guards. I have the Triumph ones and there was a ton of room to share even with the widest shield on.

There will be optional lower deflectors available in the near future. The T800 design is such that a lot of air is scooped up in the tank area. I have first prototypes on my bike and they work extremely well in blocking the low air. They are not really necessary but will be highly desirable for high speed touring and winter weather.

Now for the best part; How does it preform?? One word, Great. There is no turbulence in the all important helmet area. I have tested it up to 80 mph with my face shield up, in fact I usually forget to close it under normal riding conditions. The whole rig is very stable, no jiggling, shakeing etc.

Price is around $300, (Last I heard)

I am 6'0" 31" inseam. The screen below is a 20" standard. It is set a inch or two higher than it needs to be for the wind to clear my helmet, but we are in the middle of our semi annual "love bug" infestation. At the height shown, it's at my moustache level and I can see over it quite well.

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