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the EMT's were good, they gently helped me off with my jacket and checked me out. i asked them to put my arm back in but was told they weren't allowed to but they put my arm in a sling and tried to make it as comfy as possible. i turned down the high-priced ambulance ride knowing a hospital wasn't too far away. i asked the kid in the car if he'd drop me off and he agreed to help me. the police came and interviewed him, then me. i was afraid i'd end up with a 'following too close' or 'careless driving' ticket but the cops were pretty cool about it. the cop mentioned that he hadn't started writing anything down yet and asked me if i wanted him to write a report. i said no please, and considering i was really the only one involved he's skip report if it was ok with me. i was all for it.
luckily i crashed within about 4 block's of a friend's work and called him up. he came over and because my helmet wouldn't fit on his head the cops surprisingly let him ride the bike back to his work without a lid. I didn't care much about the bike at that point so i didn't look too closely at it. the crash bar covers were gone as was the left mirror and signal but it was still rideable. i really don't know what it looks like as i haven't seen it since.

I was wearing a nolan x-lite helmet and it did it's job. i know the lid and face shield were gored up but my bell was rung for only a short while. I don't seem to have any cranial repercussions in the 40-odd hours since so i'm pleased with it's performance.
the joe rocket perforated leather jacket didn't come apart anywhere, but i added a few scrapes to it. it has soft foam armor without a hard outer shell and i wonder how much impact it helped absorb considering the shoulder break and dislocation.
i've always been suspect of short, non-gauntlet style gloves and the quarter-sized rash at the bottom of my left palm seems to indicate my suspicions may be correct though i left them in the bike and haven't seen them yet. my shoulder brace keeps contacting it, and it keeps getting stuck to it. yuck.
95% of the time i get on a bike i wear overpants, unfortunately this was one of the 5% days. I've got some rash on my knees.

this part sucks cause as it's already scabbing up with lots of vitamin e applications if i sit still for 5 minutes they crack when i move.

i was wearing boots, and the sole area of one toe is ground down a bit but my feet and ankles are fine.

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