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Originally Posted by Crack Monkey View Post
Also, I read through the various suspension threads over at XLForum. But, came away just as confused. Most of the talk was about either making the low suspension tolerable, or set-ups for heavier riders.

Is there a thread that talks about a normal height setup for an average weight rider? I'm 5'7" and < 170lbs.

Check out the 7 pages of suspension stickies. There's 2, and I'm not sure why they're called 7 pages.

In a nutshell, ricor intiminators in the forks & works dual rate springs are supposed to rock. Can't speak of the srings, but the intiminators are worth the $$. Google discount codes, I got 30% off with one when I ordered.

Rear - you'll get a thousand suggestions. Ricor is claimed to have the greatest shocks too, but they're terribly pricey (actually they're discounted now, but still over $600 ). Too much for me. I've got 13.5" 12 series progressives (95/120 springs) and they're not much better than stock. I wouldn't buy them. I'm right around your weight (170-180 w/ gear). Search xl for the whittlebeast hybrid shocks, cheap and good for guys our weight. That's my next attempt.
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