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Mmmmmmmmm indeed!

The other good thing about the Amanitas is you can see them while flying down the road at 80. We found a bunch of Boletus up in Alaska but they all had slim stalks and most turned purple when you would scratch them, but we found some locals who said they were still good though.
What you describe sound like some common some Boletus-looking mushrooms that go by a bunch of names, and are good to eat. They are are Leccinum species rather than Boletus, but a lot of people call them Aspen Boletes anyway. They are also known as scaber stalks, or red tops. They grow in the same conditions as King Boletes and Amanitas. Did they look like this?

You'll see where they get the name "aspen" boletes, because their stalks are black and white like aspen bark. Here's a comparison to show how similar they look to King Boletes (and how their colors are distincively different)

King Boletes (Boletus Edulis) on the left, aspen boletes (Leccinum Aurantiacum) on the right:

I'm fortunate that I can combine two of my favorite activities, dual sporting and mushrooming. I often ride slowly down the forest two-tracks, watching for those tell-tale colors of Boletes, Leccinum, and Amanita.

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