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Originally Posted by dave6253 View Post
I've worried about this as well. What if I wake up one day and advrider is no more, or all of the old RRs have been deleted. How would I go on living? More importantly, I could never read my own RRs someday while in my rocking chair in some nursing home.

I backed up a few pages to my own computer in the past, but haven't done so in years. I'm gonna start doing this again, just in case, though I'm sure the advrider/smugmug servers are much safer than my own PC.

To save a page to your own computer using Internet Explorer, click PAGE, SAVE AS, and select the file type and the folder you wish to archive it in. This will save the page (not just a link) so you could see your reports long after the internet is closed down...

I'm not the most computer savvy. Does anyone know what file type works best for this type of function? Web Archive? HTML?

Saw this the other day and forgot to answer...

I'm going to try my first one using Blurb. It's cool because you can connect your photo hosting site straight to it, download their software to your computer, write the thing saving to your hard drive, upload and print when you're ready.

I write my reports using Notepad in HTML, then copy/paste here when I'm ready. It's the easiest way I can think of and embedded videos are in HTML or some variation, I don't really understand that part, but it comes out the way I want.

Blurb is geared towards selling your books, but I'm really just after something for those years when I'm in a state ward shoved in a corner mumbling about Death Valley as I clutch my books.
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