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buying clothes online is like marrying a Russian Bride!

After the same research you guys did I went for the motoport pants. I thought I would start with the pants and if happy go for a jacket. I still don't have a jacket.

the plusses: the pants are very solid, appear well made, nothing cheap anywhere, solid construction. I got the quad armour and feel well protected. the stuff is stiff as heck, just short of chain mail, but over time it is getting quite comfortable enough given the heft and bulk.

the minuses: the fit. It has been a hassle. Wayne is a nice enough guy, but I followed his instructions to a T, sent in my own jeans and the pants I got back seemed like off the rack for a guy 6" taller. the knee pads topped at the bottom of my knee cap. I figure it's not just where the pad is riding, but where it is standing. Because if you have an off, your leg could be straight and then your knee pad is useless. I finally decided to have them re-fit where it made sense not according to Wayne's world. It cost me shipping and $75 to fix what should have been right in the first place. so so much for guarantee fit. My main beef is the pants look butt ugly off the bike (OK, I will live with it,I'm too old to care but vain enough to have liked something sexier). Maybe it is the quad armour which is extra thick relative to the regular tri-armour, but chunks of it are sticking out all over the place. you can see this in the pictures below. I have sent these to Wayne, but seem to get esoteric responses implying I don't know how to adjust velcro. Hey these are "custom fit". Maybe I need to cut chunks of the armour down. Any advice would be appreciated.

you can see when I sit on the bike, everything fits better into place, so maybe I shouldn't complain. Still it does not seem right that the top of the thigh armour is folding the fabric so much at the hip. you can see this in the picture.

Will I get the jacket? Not sure. What else is out there with this kind of quality, but looks prettier?

advice appreciated.
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