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Up Through the Parks

You are going to have to bear with me for the next couple posts, they won’t be very motorcycle related. I apologize but I thought a couple of the pictures came out halfway decent so I’ve decided not to skip them…hope nobody minds…..but the subject matter will change back to where it belongs, I promise.

So….back to the point, well….maybe not, but anyways…..moving on:

We loaded up and headed out of Glacier, crossing at Roosville. It was a cinch, not quite as easy as Tecate, but that is a different story. With no one in line in front of us, he basically just asked if we had enough money to make it home and that was about it.

And then hello CAN-EH-DIA!

We took a family trip up through the Parks when I was a kid, all I remembered was that it rained for an entire month and there were a ton of cool waterfalls, deep canyons, and the like. But after going there again, things felt very familiar. I always compare mountains to Colorado, don’t get me wrong, the Canadian Rockies are beautiful, amazing, stunning….but really only seem to be one spine. They don’t feel like they go on forever in all directions like here. Not to take anything away from them of course….it was awesome driving through the parks.

It would have been nice to ride through but I don’t think we ever unloaded the bike. I wasn’t too upset because there didn’t seem to be much dirt to be found. Actually we must have, at one point we did load up 3-up on the bike to go hiking. Tina wanted to take the Rat-Dog hiking with us but National Parks are not too keen on letting the dogs on the trails for some reason.

Either way, our first stop was Radium Hot Springs. When we went last time, it was pretty new, clean, and had minimal sulfur smell. It is definitely a nice one but seems more like a regular swimming pool, although a full sized diving board is hard to beat.

After a couple hours at the pool, and some fun on the diving board, we headed on north. Just took our time and did the tourist thing (well, at least we weren’t on a bus):

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