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With gaskets and a fresh piston it was about $1500 and with my "racers" discount it was just over a grand, add tax and it was $1100 something.Some of the parts are backordered till middle of June.
I have it at my motor guy who I do alot of business with and is very fair with his pricing. But I do appreciate the offer Kenny!
I have to see what I can part it out for? if the bike is worth 35-3900 running can I just part it and get $2000? I don't know or do I put the 13-1500 into it and keep it or sell it and be bike is about $6000???

To tell the truth this kinda pisses me off at KTM again, Had a SX200 that basically did the same thing a few years back and it turns out the output shaft is the same part # for the last 13 years and it's on back order till middle of June. Had a KTM 144 that exploded on me (almost all 144's did) and I had a brand new SXF250 that was delivered to me with no internals in one of the forks? KTM did make good on that one after I made a stink but this is my 6th KTM in about 7 years and have had 3 major faults with them. I love the KTM's but in between I keep buying Hondas and never seem to have a problem with them, they don"t have the "personality" of the KTM's but that personality is getting expensive! I raced that 1980 for 3 years on the same clutch and transmission and it's 30 years old, the 89 CR 125 I just got seem solid as can be and it's 22 years old . my 2 year old KTM brakes a shaft and takes everything with it.....
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