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Originally Posted by worthydog View Post
Why are Motoport clothes so butt ugly? My God, look at the pictures in this thread! I accept that function beats form but these guys had a style bypass. Why dont they just rip off BMW or Revits designs?
The number one reason is that they focus on safety first and pretty much only. Their jackets are made with the priority of having the largest contiguious pieces of material with limited stitching. I've emailed Wayne a few times in the past asking if he could do a jacket like some other brands and pretty much every time he's pointed to the design having too many seams or small pieces of cuts which are failure points. Arerostich suits seem to take this same approach of less stitches, larger pieces of material and they aren't exactly blowing people away with their design either.

I personally love my Motoport Kevlar jeans but I will admit that I do have to basically force myself to wear them rather than throwing on a pair of Draggin Jeans.
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