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Originally Posted by SeeRace View Post
Great RR and very timely as I go in Tuesday for a consult on a dental implant. Just curious if you had any reservations about clean instruments, needles and so forth. I say this as I tell my wife about your trip and she is rolling her eyes. P'Cola Naval Aviation Museum is a good stop. If you hit it on the right day you can watch the Blue Angels doing their show practice.

Well yeah sort of, but really I went into the clinic with all my sences on full alert. And nothing ran up a red flag.
The clinic I went to was clean and modern, all tile floor, stainless steel work stations and every instrument came out out of hermeticly sealed plastic bags.
Really the only thing that was very different was language and they try very hard to make sure you understand whats happening, I just have some trouble with accents. The other thing that wouldn't be a problem for a patient but, you never see in the US is when taking an X-ray the dentist held the backer sheild in my mouth with his thumb. Twice. In the US everyone scatters when an X-ray is taken,there it was pretty casual.

It's been 6 weeks since the implants were put in and so far so good. I tend to think if there was going to be a problem it would have appeared by now.
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