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Virginia dual sport trails

Obviously pretty me-centric, but no one else sends me info. :-)

GWNF motor vehicle use maps in Google Earth. Kinda handy sometimes. I add maps as I need them.

General dual sport trails, official and otherwise.
(Or if you can't be bothered with Google Earth, try this website.

I am trying to complete this one MVUM map at a time. Working on 30 right now.

--Update 6/13/2012--

I am moving all of my mapping over to, as the mapping will then be part of a much larger dataset. With a bit of the data in OSM and quite a bit of futzing around with a toolset called "Mapnik", I've created this:

That's MVUM 29 (I think, can't remember) which I'm using as an offline test. My first phase is to replace the MVUM with a similar-in-appearance but more robust and easy to read collection of maps. This is the first step towards that. My second phase is to present that MVUM-formatted map as a slippy map, like Google Maps, and as part of a global dataset. Then I'll work on one formatted to match the Nat Geo maps, and color coded for trail condition. All of this will be dynamically updated based on info in OSM, meaning all ADVers in all states and countries can use it and contribute to it. Quite a time investment, but, woo. :-)

--Update 5/1/2013--
Forest service updated the MVUM. It doesnt suck anymore!

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