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Manchester Beach Sidecar Rally

Mendocino SideCar Rally

Back by Semi-Popular demand.....

Folks have requested we re-do the Manchester Rally (Manchester, California. KOA..Google it) we shall. ,
Previous dates were the 3rd weekend in September which I'm all for...those dates would be Friday/Sat/Sunday the 23rd, 24th and 25th. Other option is the 2nd weekend...Sept 9th, 10th and 11th (Friday/Sat/Sunday). If there are any strong preferences let me know ASAP, otherwise I will make an executive decision for the 3rd weekend.
No matter what, this is the PRIMO time on the California coast. Warm(ish....) non-foggy days, cool nights!!

LOTS of great local rides (Ft Bragg, Pt Arena Lighthouse, Mendocino, etc, etc.)

Again, we will try to occupy the tent area (9$-night) and the cabins in "the loop". I am not going to be the mother hen here.
You will be required to make you own reservations, and (if it goes like last year... ) there will be lots of people told it'll be $35/night for a tent site. It won't be. Relax. Mmm-kay?
Don't want to be making 73 calls to Machester this time. It'll all work out.

We will again supply beans, brats and applesauce for Friday for those interested.
(I will not be responsible for gas produced.... )

"Nuff said. Let me know on the preferred dates or I will make my own decision.

:slur p
PS- Will supply the dates/phone # AFTER I get a consensus on preferred dates. ALL bikes welcome!!!!!!
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