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Originally Posted by TheReaper! View Post
I'm not sure I understand , why some people on these boards think it's bad to profit on flipping a bike . Why is a bike any different than a car or a hammer ? I personally do it all the time , you know , buy low sell high . Maybe they are jealous because they time after time lose their asses on bikes , they want every one else to do the same ? As if there was nobility is losing money .

People who buy and sell take risks , they can win or they can lose . They bought from a willing seller and sold to a willing buyer , what's wrong with that ? Nothing in my book , I admire the guy for his initiative .

I think the problem is not flipping the bike but doing nothing to improve the bike beforehand. It seems just buying a bike, washing it, and checking the fluids before putting it up for sale is unethical--Especially if he bought the bike with the intention of selling it again.

An ethical flip involves doing something to make the bike better than when you bought it. So in this case if the guy had replaced rather than simply checked the fluids, he would have an ethical flip.
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