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capitalism- what do you want? i think the issue here for me is that one brags about getting a good deal then turns it for profit. its not unethical, its.. "Minikui" which is what comes to mind- im not sure English has a proper term. i guess: "in bad taste"

when i do similar deals i keep quiet about it. that might make me even more unethical than those honest enough post it about, but it reserves a semblance of civility- and makes both low seller, and higher buyer (and me) feel good about the exchanges. and in the end, money is just paper, but working a deal where everyone is satisfied is a good thing right?
I've paid both more and less than what other people would or have paid for similar products. The way I look at it, with most products, neither side is going to complete a deal unless they are satisfied with the end results.

If you manage to turn a profit on a bike, the more power to you, as long as you aren't being deceptive. Even with that, it is "Let the buyer beware."
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