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PLEASE don't tell me who made that dirt tracker out of a rubber mount bike. I really, really don't want to do that to my Roadster.

I would like to know how well the swing arm pivot shaft stands up to that kind of abuse.

What Ohlins model are you talking about? 36e? 745?

Right now, Ricors are $629 and cheapest Ohlins are $555.
I bet you're going to tell me that the Ricors are worth the extra dough at this price, but what when the ricors jump back up to $800+ ?

edit: and whats the preload adjustment on the ricors, screw type or clicks?
If any shock is worth the cost is up to you. The Ricors have a threaded body which the top spring perch screws up and down by hand, unless you have too much weight on the spring.

I have spent $600 on shocks that were garbage. I have also spent $60 on shocks that worked pretty well. Road King air shocks and Whittlebeast hybrids prove you don't have to spend a lot of money to get a decent ride. Buying 3 or 4 pairs of cheap shocks that you're not happy with can also get expensive.

I don't know all the different Ohlins set ups. But I have only heard good things about the 36e's from Hard Racing.

I spent nearly $1000 to upgrade the Ohlins on my (now totaled) 2005 Ducati Multistrada, and have ridden other bikes with high end shocks.
The real difference is due to Ricor's inertia valve mechanism vs standard valve shim / check valve / bleed / bypass circuits of conventional shocks. As far as I know, Ricor still offers a money back guarantee if you don't think they are worth it.
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