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Do you take your pets with you?

Ok Guys - Need help.

I have a 2011GSA with the 3 factory aluminium cases. I also have a wife and 2 yorkies (5 lbs each). We want to take the dogs with us. I was thinking something along the lines of secured sturdy pet cages on each of the side cases and wife on the pillion.

Seen many pics with dogs on bikes but not sure if these guys parade around town (cutesy stuff) or actually take them at higway speeds and multiday travels. Currently I am doing my research on the feasibilty/safety aspect of this....assessing comfort with the risks, the cages etc. But one thing is for sure, I cannot leave the dogs behind and/or the wife - someone's bound to suggest that

Also considered risks of tipping over and thinking the cases may take most of the impact. But the yorkies are small dogs and I am struggling a bit with that. But then, I see many folks take their small kids on the bikes. Also going as far as considering getting the wife a licence and a used canam spyder - 3 wheeler to eliminate the tippover risk.

So...anyone out there carrying there pets with them on long journeys? If so, what carrier are you using and how are you securing it to your GS/GSA? Any other mature insight, links, stories would be appreciated.

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