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Originally Posted by Dee Cee View Post
Hi all,
I have a 2003 640 adv and it is getting harder to start. It has always been hard to start with the button and pretty good with the leg. It seems as though the auto deco is not working as it should. The motor seems to regulaly get stuck on the comp stroke. I usually use the hand deco on the bars to get reliable results but this is not always good enough. I have been thru about three good batteries in four years and am now running an even larger than std battery ( bit of a squeeze ). Is the auto deco prone to wear in these things and if so, are they repairable, or do I have to replace the whole camshaft to get the needed part. I was checking out the thread about the starter clutch spring and that sounds like it would be a good fix as well.

All advice greatly appreciated.

Just ordered a cam for my 05 with 27,000 km. Not sure of the history of the bike before I bought it. Same symptoms. To check to see if the auto-decomp is working slowly kick the bike over and you should here a sharp "click" as it engages. Mine was a muffled click (compared it to my 07 bike). Took the cam out and the pin had noticeable wear to it. Easy job to replace. Cam and bearings will cost you a little over 2 hundred US. Good luck!
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