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Just ordered a cam for my 05 with 27,000 km. Not sure of the history of the bike before I bought it. Same symptoms. To check to see if the auto-decomp is working slowly kick the bike over and you should here a sharp "click" as it engages. Mine was a muffled click (compared it to my 07 bike). Took the cam out and the pin had noticeable wear to it. Easy job to replace. Cam and bearings will cost you a little over 2 hundred US. Good luck!
At 27,000 kms, I would also be inspecting the cam follower bearings. From what I know now, I would just be replacing the inlet follower bearing at 27,000. My inlet bearing was totally shot at 27000. I know others have managed to go longer than that, but it's cheaper buying a new one than having one let go and destroy the top end.

I just bought the whole follower with the bearing pressed in by KTM than messing around with punching and hoping I had done it right.

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