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The Final Push North

After leaving the Parks we pounded out the miles. There were a few construction zones to deal with; waiting for pilot cars is lame. We smelt a few forest fires and also picked up a couple hitchhikers. I love picking up hitchhikers, you can learn a lot form them, but the old drunk ones can get annoying too. We drove and drove, it was nice to turn up the music and watch the miles float past. Way better than any TV programming if you ask me. Finally, we made it to the Liard Hot Springs. If you happen to be in the neighborhood, do not skip it. It is amazing:

It was beautiful, and to top it off, it was Tina’s birthday. I acted like I had forgotten it at first but she had an amazing time. After soaking, we headed out and wanted to make it to Whitehorse for dinner. But first, Tina wanted to do the touristy thing and stop for the bison:

She was pretty proud of her pictures, I told her she had the perfect angle on the first one. We laughed at her bison butt shot for a few miles.

You cannot miss this one either; it didn’t keep our attention for long though, we had miles to lay down, or I suppose KMs rather:

Then we pulled into Whitehorse and found a nice little touristy restaurant just before they closed for the night. We had some excellent fish and chips and Tina had an awesome birthday dinner. I don’t remember what the name of the restaurant was, but it looked like an old shack with lots of antique mining stuff and big indoor patio type dining room. I have to say, I was impressed with Whitehorse, it is a cool little town with a decent urban feel.

We didn’t stick around for long though, we drove out of town for a while and found a nice place to pop the top for the night.
The next day Tina drove for a while and it gave me some time to play around with the camera:

The last bit of the Alcan felt like a Mad Max race to the end. There was a bunch of gravel road through the numerous construction sections; it was smoother than the last little paved section before the border though, with all the frost heaves. It would have been fun to wheelie out of the heaves on the bike though, but I’m glad my ceramic pads were working well on the truck. We were stopped at the last construction section and I had made it to where there were only a couple cars in front of us. We got out a while we waited for the pilot car and chatted with the other drivers, there just happened to be an Army couple moving up to the base who also had Colorado license plates. Three Colorado plates in a row; imagine that so far from home.

Finally, the pilot car got there and we slowly followed him for a while, then he turned off and it was on. Then, finally, 3,000 miles later, we made it!!!!!!!!!!

(I love the Steamboat sticker front and center)

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