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Food on the road

Originally Posted by dakardad View Post
Ok, I made a comment on a travel thread to our friend Questor on what crap we tend to eat when on the road. Others chimed in and agreed that we all felt better and had more fun when we stopped eating that greasy roadside shit.
This is the thread for moto cuisine. No GORP or single pot 'dont look, just eat' ideas. How to eat healthy on the road. Recipies and ideas.
Ready, GO.
Been reading the threads on this subject and it is "food for thought" (no
pun intended). Have traveled alot 1 0r 2 up. What works for me is something light in the morning, coffee, oatmeal or a donut. I travel about 100 miles and stop and have a substantial breakfast. I love those Mom and Pop resturants that usually have a special that is cheap and filling. This meal will carry you over till dinner time. Be sure to drink water over
the course of the day and have good snacks, fruit, nuts etc. A multivitamin is important too. Stay hydrated and enjoy the ride.
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