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it says that I have to buy a new console!

As of late, many a rumbling has occurred over whether or not PC gamers will indeed have the ability to play LA Noire. While Rockstar has apparently been coy on the matter, the ESRB had the PC version listed on their website as an already rated port. The listing has since been removed, however, which only deepens this mystery. Luckily, theGamerBuzz has come in contact with a Rockstar representative.

After asking Rockstar a very specific question regarding LA Noire on PC and Mac the representative stated, “we do not have any plans for a PC/Mac version of L.A. Noire at this time.” Obviously, this statement still is open for debate, but, obviously, doesn’t definitively alleviate all doubt.

For now, I suppose those hoping for any confirmation on a PC or Mac version of LA Noire will simply have to wait patiently. For a rundown on LA Noire, check out our preview.
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