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Originally Posted by Beez View Post
BeezWife and i played it for about 2 hours last night. I love it, she likes it too, together we will rid the 1940's L.A. streets of crime. We haven't done too well in the interrogation parts but are doing well in finding clues and I'm good at the shoot-outs because it works like the GTA games.

The graphics are good but I think the cut scenes are made using the in-game graphics, not using some other technique like in other games. (correct me if I'm wrong)
Well, from what I remember this game was originally to be an exclusive to the PS3. The PS3 is able to render real-time, which was one of the big features. Not sure if this one is done real time or pre-rendered. It looks pretty good though. The most impressive thing is the micro-movements though. The characters looks realistic without hitting uncanny valley.

I screwed up the objective where you talk to the wife so I have to restart. Sucks since you have to restart from the beginning of the whole case. it won't let you restart from the time you arrive at her house.
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