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Got about an hour in last night. My brother walks in on me and stands there for about 2 minutes before asking, "what movie is this?"

It's somewhere in between Red Dead Redemption and GTA4. The action/shooting sequences are definitely out of RDR. The city and driving is GTA4. Driving seems to be a bitch in this game though, just something a little off with the physics although I can't quite put a finger on it just yet.

The game is very detail-oriented. From investigating a crime scene to interrogating a suspect you have to pay attention to all the details in the case, and even look at a suspect's mannerism and facial ticks to try and determine if he's lying or not. It's a bitch, and if you screw something up you gotta start the whole interrogation all over again (and you can't forward through the dialogue).

If you're the "I just wanna kill something!" type this game is probably not for you. You have to follow the use of force continuum like today's LEOs. Can't just shoot a fleeing unarmed suspect in the leg, and you get a bad review if you run over granny while rolling Code 3 to a 211 call.

It's not as "open world" as I like. So far I seem to be stuck with a partner 24/7. And the game uses chapters as opposed to waypoints like the GTA series. So instead of choosing when/where to start a mission, when you finish one case in LAN you start in on the next one immediately. It's not like GTA where you have to hit a waypoint to start a mission, and if you don't want to do anything you can just drive around and do whatever. Time frame skips forward too, no linear day/night cycle like GTA/RDR. No "home" to go to. No garage.

I guess what I'm saying is I want the next GTA already.
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