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Steer well clear of this product people. We had version 2.whatever it was and it was garbage. It was so difficult to use that my wife struggled to use the gps at all and I gave up entirely and went back to just using maps. Their maps were very inaccurate with rivers and roads just stopping in the middle of nowhere and the claim of five meter contours was complete bullshit. Numerous times we noticed valleys and other large physical features simply didn't exist on their maps. I did notice that the new "improved version" has been revised to 10 meters It frustrates me that they can still market this when garmins topo australia is so much better. These clowns are years behind the competition with their product. If you can find any one who has used the garmin product and still has any thing good to say about oztopo I would be amazed.
I feel compelled to respond since we created the product.

We never offered 5m contours in any of our products

As for autorouting it was suggested/mentioned as a possibility in V3 some time back. We decided against after asking our customers what they would prefer, more detail or autorouting. More detail was voted 5:1 in favour.

We spent a lot of time looking at autorouting and found several flaws. The data available (doesn't matter whos) is basically divided into two classes, sealed and unsealed. We would like to see more classifications specifically in the unsealed category, eg track, difficult track, really difficult track and have a GPS that has the option to say which level of track you would like to use. Without this you could easily send a RAV4 down a very difficult track.

For the gentleman that has a 276c, we have a solution for you. We can provide a downloadable product like other Garmin maps and supply you with an unlock code to suit your 276c just like we did in V2. Just ask. It not aour mainstream advertised/preferred way of selling OZtopo but its available.

We have created multiple versions of OZtopo to suit different Garmin models. For example if you take a handheld product like Topo Australia and put it on a Nuvi the contours are 4mm wide. Not ideal.

Apart from autrouting, which in your case may be vital, I would challenge the statement "garmins topo australia is so much better"

For example:
More recent maps
10m vs 20m contours
contours that can be turned off
outback features like, wells, homestead names
superior zoom levels for map viewing and trip planning
optimised versions for different GPS models
2.4M km of roads and tracks - Garmin doesn't specify how many in theirs.
upgrade options without re buying the entire product
inclusion of CAMPS6 locations

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