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Ok, well I raised the needles again after going ahead and installing the rectifier the other guys were talking about ($12.99 at the electronics store). Bike idles mostly and I have a throttle again. I realized that along with doing the carb top boots I lowered the needles thinking I was running rich, and I was too pissed off over the way the bike ran last night to even realize I was starving it for fuel. Next up is another rewire so I can turn the lights right off with a big toggle to save on the charging system. Old bikes are fun..... Anyways, the rectifier is indeed the same as what the oregon rectifiers are, so it's a cheap and easy upgrade to the charging system. Easy install too, yellow and brown to the AC pins, battery to the positive pin, and just make a ground to the battery for the negative pin. These things are way smaller than our orange ones and you can put them just about anywhere. The one I got is rated for 25A at 400v, should be plenty. Go for it people....
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