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Originally Posted by Scrambler Weirdo View Post
Nice Bike! Have you checked the ignition switch? It has like three positions on it, and one of them makes the lights come on. Mine didn't have a switch so I put in another one and rewired at the plug so the lights come on when the key is on all the time. If I remember the white wire in the harness is for the taillight, brown is for the headlight, they are on the same circuit. There is a CB160 wiring diagram on here somewhere that lays it out, that's how I got mine going. Actually wait a minute...

There you go. Oh, I also wired mine so the second set of charging coils are on all the time, figured I might as well what with the lights being on and having indicators on the bike now. I charge at between 12.5-13v. Not a whole lot but enough to get by. I only have two wires coming out of my ignition switch (it is from a CL175), the rest of the changes I did at the ignition switch plug with spades so it would be reversible. Oh yeah. check your grounds.... there is one inside the headlight (green wire) and the headlight switch just grounds to the bars I think.
Thanks for the wiring diagram, and kind words. I've enjoyed watching your CL come to life in the thread! Gonna try to work on mine tonight, hopefully I can work out this bug with some of your input.
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