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Originally Posted by gumshoe4 View Post
Sergei, it's been said before, but bears repeating. Your photos are AWESOME and your willingness to take on multi-state long distance tours on your 250 and 300 Vespas is inspiring.

I've been eyeing the 300 Super at the local dealer and like it very much. I ride a superscoot now (Silverwing), but I think the 300 Super would be a great machine as well.

Would be interested in some information about how your 300 did on long distance. Any problems? Any difficulty maintaining speeds? Fuel mileage? Anything else you think is important to know?

Thanks again for the photos. I downloaded some for a little slideshow here on my computer...I hope that's OK.

Thank you Bob!

For my long trip I used 250 GTS... so I can't really say yet how 300 would show its self.. My 250 is in the show for a while now so I can't do direct comparison to 300... but I think my 300 is about 10km/h slower than my 250.

250 was great on my long trip to Mexico! No problems with it.. I got hit by a rock and my oil filter got cracked in half so had to replace that. Other wise mechanically was great! Didn't have any difficulty maintaining the speed, but I had to use full throttle lots. I would really recommend the windscreen for it. As soon as I got mine installed, my was able to go faster and didn't have to struggle to hold on.... I wouldn't do a long trip without it!

I didn't calculate the gas milage much.. its great around the city.. on a highway my gas milage on my 300 is very close to my friend's BMW 650, just a tiny bit better... I think its because my 300 was straggling more to go full speed against the wind. I'm doing about 180 km on a tank of gas. (it have been very very windy around here lately though).

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