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Originally Posted by Scrambler Weirdo View Post

Ok guys, I need some ideas here. First off, new rectifier works flawless, so we all know we can pull off that cheap upgrade. I need some input as to why the hell my bike keeps flooding and dying out. Still won't really idle right, lower the needles and it won't hardly run at all, raise them to the center clip and it runs than floods out and quits. I have sealed all the vacuum leaks, the float height I think is correct, ignition is new, have set the valves, etc. It seems to be happening on the right cylinder. Oh yeah, it starts on the first kick with no choke so I know it is rich at idle, but dropping the needles doesn't change that. How does the airscrew deal work? Can I try lowering the needle on just one carb? Any ideas? I am stumped.



Hey Weirdo,
I have been lurking and enjoying your build as well, I like both fancy stuff and more simple things as well, so we're on the same page here.

Your carb issue kinda sounds to me like a float valve not closing properly or a leaky float. Have you noticed if the floats get gas inside? You have to remove the floats and shake them, if there's gas in them you either dry them out and solder them or replace them altogether.

Also make sure you adjust the float height to the correct specs, it cannot be guessed.

...oh, yea the needle only matters off idle.

Keep up the good work, with a bit of patience you'll get it running right!

-Marco Moto
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