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I found it easier to reach up and hit the A or B button than to rely on the VOX..I havent tried it since the firmware update though. You can search for radio stations using the volume up and down buttons.

Originally Posted by Simplyred View Post
I have the Cardo G4 Powerset and just used it on a week's holiday trip on my 250cc motorscooter. So the sets the max speed conditions during which I used it just around 100kmp/h.

I did develop a Love and Hate relationship with the Cardo System. Once it actually works, it does a great job .
But you will often get VERY annoyed before it DOES......

And I think this system is WAY to expensive to be this user unfriendly.
It is simply priced way to high.

I simply can not understand WHAT EXACTLY is so difficult in designing a system that is a pleasure to work with when one is on the move? When I am driving, I should be paying attention to the road, and not fiddling around with one hand on the side of my helmet, looking like an idiot and driving around with just one hand on the steering wheel.....
I do not want to be bothered by faulty designed equipment, but just want to enjoy the drive and expect this pricy device to do what it promises to do. And it does not.

The main problem is the immense number of times you need to fiddle around at your helmet device. Any intercom should work immediately when one starts to speak. How difficult can it be? Several times this week only driving around 80 kmp/h I had to shout like an imbecile to start up ANY kind of communication, even to the point the passenger on the back could easily understand me WITHOUT any "Power Set".....
I came very close to a point I really began to feel the urge to stop the scooter, rip the crap of the helmet and throw it as far away as humanly possible....
Only to relax again and enjoy when it "suddenly" started to work and conversation was cristal-clear and a real joy....

My experience is, the closer the mike is to your mouth, the better it works. So if you have any DUCT tape, tape it right on and you will have little problems I expect . Of course, that is a total failure of technology as I see it. And especially for that kind of money.

And yes, I have been trying to do almost anything one can think of to change things. I have the latest software, I drive full face integral helmets, not even a jet helm and it still is a pain in the ass to get the VOX function working. Like the OP has said when he started this thread: the VOX function is a non existing function when you look at a function as something that should be reliable and durable. I have not seen it happening with the G4 Cardo set yet.

I think there should also be a remote control unit for handling the units functions besides the fiddling around on the helmet thingy. Something with a nice small display that disposes of the guessing of what you are exactly doing. Maybe something working on bluetooth as well so it can connect with the main helmet unit. I think it would be a tremendous plus if you could actually SEE what you are doing and I would be willing to pay some extra money for it.

The built in radio function is also a real pain. You can preset the stations on the pc, but that does not bring anything if you are traveling outside the normal radius for instance on holiday. You would have no means of searching for any other stations whilst on the bike. Here too, the option of the remote control display could come in handy.
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