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Originally Posted by PWRCRZR View Post
I like to make scrambled eggs with some ham,mushrooms,spinach.

I would like to improve in the breakfast department, but I have some bad habits and prejudice.

The bad habits revolve around time management. If it is past sun up before my kickstand is up, I feel like I am behind. So, I usually skimp on breakfast. Coffee and a bowl of grits is the usual. Some fruit if I had the chance to pick anything up the day before. I also carry a small softpack cooler.

The prejudice concerns eggs. How do you carry and resupply? I sometimes carry egg solids bought from the local Amish. They travel well, but they lack in culinary delight. I can use them in a few recipes with some success, but trying to scramble or add them to something like grits has always ended with less than pleasing results.

I think it has been mentioned before that some carry them poured into a fluid tight bottle. Is that the best method? A bottle big enough to hold a half dozen so that you can refill on the road? Is it common enough to be able to pick up a half dozen in most markets?

I have one of the plastic cases supposedly suitable for whole egg transport. I just can't bring myself to trust it, it has been unused for over 20 years.
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