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Originally Posted by Hodakaguy View Post
I'm running the TM design guide on my 530 along with 14-52 gearing. I used a roto file bit with an air grinder to extended the groove that's machined into the guide for the sprocket to clear (you could do the same thing by hand with a good round file). The 52 tooth would hit the guide without a little extra clearance added. Another possibility is to add an extra link or two on the chain, the added length would push the rear wheel back a bit and give you some more clearance on your guide.

I also added a washer as a shim to get the chain centered in the guide when installed. Other than that it's a solid unit that should hold up well to abuse on the trail.

Here's a shot of the TM guide next to the worn out stock unit. The red arrow is where I added the washer to center the chain in the guide.

And a side shot...I also have a Bullet Proof Designs brace to keep the tabs on the swing arm in one piece.

The BPD brace has taken quite a few hits on the trail

Thanks Hodaka!! I'll get to work on it this evening and order the Bulletpro brace now
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