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Originally Posted by Scrambler Weirdo View Post
It idles!!!! Number one, thanks Marco. I didn't measure the height the way I was supposed to... but I did lower the float just a bit and that took care of the flooding. THe other part turned out to be very interesting. Time and again have seen people post that you need to put the slides in facing the right way, with the ramp on the correct side. Well, duh, thats pretty easy..... after finding another thread on here about a CL175 that didn't run I learned that there is ANOTHER ramp on the slide, on the bottom and it faces toward the throat. Somehow either I or the PO had flipped the slides from side to side. So, while they fit that little ramp on the bottom was facing backwards. Explains why I had to put the idle screws all the way in to raise the idle, and why is was so eractic after setting it. Fucks sake.. I never would have found it if it wasn't for that other thread. Flipped the slides, lowered the float... idles like a champ now. And rides a whole lot better. Seems to have a small miss still, but I think another set of plugs will cure that. I have to take the seat off to look at some wiring so I will post pics of the rectifier, etc when I do. Thanks for the input Marco, it got my bike rideable.... Hell Yeah!!!

Nice! Now get out there and ride the snot out of it! (bring a screwdriver with you though, you're gonna have to adjust those air screws...).

-Marco Moto
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