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Originally Posted by Deseret Rider View Post
I put a Dunlop 606 on the front of my '08 530 EXC-R. Using a Parnell balancer device I see it is going to take an abnormal amount of weight to achieve balance. Is this usual? Do any of you run the front without the rim lock (which is where the heavy side is)and is this a good idea? I've wound near three feet of solder wire on 4 spokes on the opposite side of the rim lock but am still not close.
Tips or suggestions would be appreciated!
Yep pretty common for the D606. I love the tire though. I balance both front and rear tires and have installed the Motion Pro light weight rim locks. Even with the light rim locks I still have about 4 - 4.5oz of weight on each tire to get a good balance. On the rear tire I ended up finding the heavy spot on the tire then dissmounting and re-mounting it to get the heavy spot where the weight would be needed to reduce the amount of wheel weights I need. As far as weights go I ended up using re-usable weights with set screws on the spoke nipples...available in the vendors forum or on ebay here: CLICK HERE
I may try a Maxxis or ? but I really do like the D606's for ADV riding.

Hope that helps

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