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Originally Posted by Simplyred View Post
I found it to be virtually impossible to remember all the possible handling options and button-magic... sometimes you need to click once, sometimes you need to hold the button in the end, you end up just pushing buttons until you hear something happening.

For me, the operation of the device just is not "automatic" or "intu´tive" enough. Remember, you are supposed to drive and have your attention on the road.....

It delivers a lot of doubt and second guessing during operation. What should I do? Must I click A or B? Do I have B here or is this A?

Why can't this all be dealt with automatically just based on a pre-set userlist of priorities: when 1 delivers sound, 2 to 5 shut down. When 2 delivers sound, it does not overthrow the sound of 1, but it does overtrhow the sound of 3 till 5 and so forth and so on. When 1 shuts down, 2 comes up (if delivering sound) and so on. The user could choose what gets 1 priority, 2 or further so. Ready you are. No button pushing?

I also found the voice support system which you can set to help telling you what is going on not really any help at all. I almost never heard it say anything at all although it is set to "enabled".

I have already trouble finding the A or B button (which one do I have?) during the ride wearing gloves and not being able to look at what you are doing. As said, it often was a matter of pushing "a" button and waiting what happened. Most of the time, the connection with the passenger popped up in the end, but there were several times I needed to reset the system by turning it off and on again. VOX most of the time did not work, and my setting was preset to HIGH for Vox responsiveness.

The device also takes quite some time to switch between priorities. It takes way to long to switch to intercom when the system finally thinks someone just said something. And vice versa it takes way too much time to switch back to music again thereafter.

Of course, it could be me as the good old stupid user, but I still think this device has a long way to go to reach the stadium of perfection. The sound quality is great as it is. The volume is great as well. No complaints there.

The real weaknesses of this system (as I see it) are the really insufficient user friendlyness of the system and the failing vox functionality, even when set on "high" and operated within a full face closed integral helmet with lower speeds. And that says it all.

I would definitely NOT buy this product again at this price with the experience I have now, and would likely switch to something else like the SENA SMH10 device which seems a lot simpler to handle?

upgrade the firmware, it fixed all of my vox problems, when i set the vox to low level.
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