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Originally Posted by MarcoPolo View Post
Nice! Now get out there and ride the snot out of it! (bring a screwdriver with you though, you're gonna have to adjust those air screws...).

I just swapped the plugs and rode all over the place for hours!! Going to do a plug chop tomorrow, but the bike feels great throughout the whole band. And it IDLES at a stop now, so I can expand my circle rather than riding around unused streets hoping I don't stall out at a stop sign. The bike sounds entirely different now too for some reason.... And, wonder of wonders, I need to use the choke to start it. Yes!!! Anyways, some updates...

I needed something to use for tank badges. I intend to get some Honda wing decals at some point, but the dollar store again yielded up something useful....

Also here is a pic of the $12.99 rectifier. I know I go on about clean wiring, but I wasn't able to weld a mounting tab in on the day that I installed it, so it is what is is for now. I tested the battery after riding and it is at 12.5v with the bike turned off after riding and using all the lights. I think I am going to do some LED bulbs in there to lower the draw, but at least I know it can stay charged now. I would prefer to see 13-13.5v at the battery at rest, but 12.5 will do for now. You can see the big fat ground to the battery I added in there.

And a random working on the bike pic.

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