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PWRCRZR, man I'd camp with you any day!
That, looked good.
Actually, I try to eat reasonably well and somewhat regualry, which means that I have to carry some stuff with me. Just trying to get some good lean protein.
What really gets me is all those stories one hears about 'this great country cooking place, blah..blah', 90% of the times I frequented such establishment I ate beans and corn out of the can- in the middle of the damn corn country, but I guess WalMart/Cosco cans are cheaper.
Usually what's implied is that it's going to be finger licking drenched in
grease. I'll rather have an apple and a protein bar. Same goes for dual sports, I always read later how the food was 'delish!', and never do, but
want to reply 'I pity you since you never had italian food apparently, what part of noodles with Ketchup was 'delish'?
Heavy is good, heavy is reliable...

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