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My firmware is constantly up-to-date since I check this every week. I run the latest versions of both the G4 PC Software AND the G4 firmware itself.

The fact that your vox works better if you choose the low setting for vox responsiveness is kind of strange, isn't it? It should work less good then a higher setting? I will try it at my system as well and see what happens there. It is worth the try.
The simple solution is to run in "open microphone" all the time and not wait for VOX to activate. Just turn on Channel Button Connect (as it's called in the manual). Basically rather than having the system set on "when I yell into the mic, notice that and activate the system" it's set on "both of us have the mics active at all times". So there's no delay waiting for it to "hear" your voice and activate, it's like an open phone line where anyone can speak at any time. Even when no one is speaking (meaning if your buddy is breathing heavy because he's working hard riding the bike over some whoops, you're gonna hear it). But, on the good side, when one of you talks, no waiting and screaming until the fucking thing "wakes up" and realizes you're trying to say something.

Batteries last all day even if you're on Channel Button Connect (open mike) all day long.

Works for us.
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