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Originally Posted by Flanman13 View Post
I recently was gifted with a hole appearing in the side of my E08 Rear. Figured "Well, cant exactly fix that." So i rode the 50k;s home whilst leaning up over the headlight.
75% of the side wall was torn by the time I got home but it was still on the bead. Completely.
Make sure you get her nice and wet round the edges before slipping on a new one.
Only 75%.... mate... get into it a bit harder!

Sorry to use car tyres to illustrate.... but the top one went at about 150 k... and that was the sidewall (untouched) by the time I stopped. The bottom one went at 170 kph on the main straight at Winton. The tread did a bit of damage to the car. The first one was a puncture. The second one was old rubber. I won't use a tyre that's over 5 years old now.

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